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The Saturn return. every 29.5 years for Saturn to circle the globe

As we move under the influence of Gemini we can expect the three ‘f’s, flirty, flighty and fun.  If only to lighten up the staid Taurus influence. Not forgetting the effect of Saturn in Libra.
Every 29.5 years Saturn returns to the position it was  in at the time of a person’s birth. We all have Saturn returns.  Usually at around this time we wake up to the idea that we are meant to be doing something particular with our lives.  If we take stock and have a look around and are not happy with what we can see in our world, the 2 and half years that Saturn takes to move through each sign is the time to make significant change.
People born at a time when Saturn was in Libra are all about fairness, justice and the truth.  So, in honour of the effect of Saturn in Libra I will take a look at people in the news who have had significant Saturn returns.

Fire Signs
Aries (March – April)
Saturn returners who are also Aries born people,  oh, my God.  This year for someone with Saturn in Libra has got to be a massive turning point.  The year when all the planets lined up for Aries, when Jupiter, the planet governing luck is spending the majority of the year in Aries.  Who is it?  Who is coming up to thirty and receiving the accolades that are reserved for royalty?  How old is Lady Gaga? No, she was born in 1986.  Not old enough.  For a Saturn return this person needs to have been born in 1983 between May and August or 1980 Sept to Nov 1982.  Or Nov 20 1950 to March 7 1951 and August 15 1951 to October 22 1953.   How hard can it be to find an Aries born on these dates?  As Saturn is in full swing now in Libra, it is only a matter of time before one of these elusive creature declares themselves ‘out’.
Leo (July – August)
Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in 1947.  His Saturn return , not the first one, but the second return, in 2007, brought him a re-election as the Governor of California.  Arnold began his career in acting when in 1976 (time of his first Saturn return) he crossed over from weight training into film by virtue of a docu-drama Pumping Iron.  It was this film that was the pivotal turning point that sent him into the international stratosphere of fame for the next 29 years.
Arnold’s relationships also centred around his Saturn Return, his serious relationship with Barbara Baker that began in 1969 ended in 1974 and after another relationship that lasted a month or so with a hairdresser’s assistant.  Arnold also felt this time was a good place to write his Memoir.  Good job he stopped to write something at that stage, as he managed to fit in so much more during the next 30 years.  It was during his Saturn Return in August 1977 that Arnold met Maria Shriver.  I would not be surprised if it was also during his Saturn Return (around 2007) that Maria Shriver was having doubts about the housekeeper and her son.
President Obama having an uncomfortable chat with the Prime Minister of Israel. 
In the land of music I would have thought there should be plenty of Saturn returners, but no, not really as many as I expected.  Mika, is having a Saturn return and we haven’t heard anything from him for a while.  He was the singer who was famously rejected by Simon Cowell and who turned out to be the biggest thing since sliced bread.  Has he gone underground soon to re-emerge with a magnificent new musical offering?  Let us hope so. 
Roger Federer the tennis player is in the middle of his Saturn return.
Sagittarius (November – December)
Imogen Thomas is in the centre of her Saturn return.  Imogen was actually born on the last day that Saturn was in Libra, November 29th 1982.  So, it is no real surprise that she is feeling injustice more keenly than if her Saturn had been in Scorpio or Sagittarius.  A fight for justice is the path that Imogen has put herself on.  Imogen has also helped bring to light the super-injunctions that the rich and famous have been availing themselves of, without question, until now.  Well done Imogen for daring to speak out. This surely will be a pivotal moment in her life.
Britney Spears is also having her Saturn return.  Leading up to the return of Saturn, many people find their existing life just breaking down, either spectacularly or just ebbing away and a falling off of existing structures.  It is a time for growing up, as well as a time to accept the restrictions of previous life choices.  Time for divorcing and finding new life long partners.  Well, for Britney, her personal journey has been well documented in the press and she has been surprisingly quiet as she maps out her new life for herself. Good luck to Britney with the next thirty years.
John Terry the English footballer who has experienced a lot of controversy in the last year or so, is in the centre of his Saturn return.  I think we can probably expect to see him breaking out of his previous commitments, either personally or professionally, or both. Interesting times for John Terry.
Natasha Bedingfield, the British singer who experienced fame and fortune, and has been quiet for a while, is also experiencing her life-reviewing Saturn return.

Air Signs
Aquarius (January – February)
Justin Timberlake is in the middle of his Saturn return. Time for commitment to something or someone then Justin.  Who is the lucky lady?  Will it be the actress who played ‘thirteen’ in House with Hugh Laurie?  I hope so, they make a lovely couple.

Gemini (May – June)
Natalie Portman is having a baby in the middle of her Saturn return, well the commitment level could not be clearer. Good luck to Natalie.

Libra (September – October) With planet Saturn currently in Libra, the planet that governs commitment, restriction and fairness. It is no surprise to find Libra people in the news:
Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu chose to speak directly to President Obama whilst in front of the world’s media.  Both leaders are more than aware of the cameras upon them, the power of the people and their perceptions is just as important to both of these two men as anything they may do and say behind the scenes.  The Israeli PM choosing to just put it out there, lay it on the table and have it all out in the open.
Earth Signs
Capricorn (December – January) First Saturn return for Sienna Miller, who has emerged looking like a fully fledged female who is not to be trifled with (just ask the newspaper who have shelled out £100,000 for phone-hacking compensation!).  Interesting times for Sienna as she finds the time for commitment and a new long term path.
Virgo (August – September)
Beyonce Knowles is having her Saturn return.  Will there be children in her life?  A good time for reviewing commitments and making her life plan for at least the next five years.  Typical planners, I bet it was a Virgo who invented the term ‘five year plan’.
Jennifer Hudson also in the centre of her Saturn return.
Nicole Richie, the daughter of Lionel Richie is having a Saturn return.
Taurus (April – May)
A Taurus Keyboard player Chuck Leavell (The Rolling Stones) is slap bang in the middle of his Saturn Return.  With Sun in Taurus and Saturn in Libra it is no surprise to see that he has brought out a book ‘building a bitter America’. A change of direction perhaps for this talented pianist during his second Saturn Return.
Jessica Alba, currently expecting her second child , is also in the middle of her Saturn return.  Commitment to family life then Jessica, good luck.
Craig David also experiencing his Saturn return.  A return to British shores perhaps or an adventure into a new field.

Water Signs
Pisces (Feb – March)
Do we know any Pisces people coming up to 30?  Is Dermot O Leary 30 yet?  Oh, no, apparently he was born in the same era as Steve Jones, mid- 70s, way past their Saturn returns...and nothing happened.  Or did it?  Has Dermot made a commitment he just hasn’t told anyone about. No, Dermot isn’t a pisces, but he does look like one and as a Gemini, there are lots of those making commitments this year, so this could be a good time.  Steve Jones though, is a Pisces and he has just been given the gig in the States presenting the x factor. 
Cancer (June – July)
Justice prevails. Elliot Morley the ex MP of Scunthorpe has been sent to jail for 16 months for defrauding the expenses system to the tune of £30,000.  Greedy monkey.
Prince William is also in the middle of his Saturn Return.  The planet of commitment was in Libra at the time of his birth, as is Kate Middleton.  A perfect time for a wedding. Ideal for making the commitment of a lifetime.
Scorpio (October – November)
People with Saturn in Scorpio will see their Saturn return from October 5th 2012 for two and a half years. The people I have come across on my travel through celebrity astro charts, who were born when Saturn was in Scorpio are:
Katy Perry – clearly, due for the commitment of children.
Adam Ant.  I would not be surprised to hear of this one hanging up his dangly feather ear-rings and taking up animal communication or something spiritual.
The Queen will be entering her THIRD Saturn return!
Margaret Thatcher.  Although she has been very ill recently, it will be touch and go to see if she manages to see her third Saturn return.
Calvin Harris who is currently a brilliant songwriter.
John Travolta will be having his second Saturn return.  Is it too late for him to choose a new path in life and to have the next thirty years fronting a different cause.
Bruce Willis is also right up there with John Travolta, again, a time for life-changing commitments.
Bruno Mars the man who has conquered the musical market in the UK, the US and will probably go for global domination at some stage, will be approaching his Saturn return, a time for trying his hand at something new or making at least some form of obvious path change.

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